Yes, You Really Can Buy a Mattress Online

These days you can buy just about anything online.

But a mattress?  Really?

The Mattress Capital answer is YES!

A quick search online will reveal a vast selection of mattresses, everything from innerspring mattresses to memory foam to airbeds, available for delivery right to your door.  Here are just a few reasons why buying online makes sense!

  • Longer Trial Periods.  Most online mattress companies offer you a pretty decent trial period, usually 100 days or more.  If you don’t like it, you can send it back.  If your online store has a physical store, you can also head there to test out your mattress choice in person.
  • Price & Promos.  Just like your local brick and mortar mattress store, online mattress stores have holiday sales and promotion sales.  Some also toss in bonus pillows, free delivery, or free old mattress removal.  Some mattresses can be purchased for 20-50% less than their in store counterparts, although most mattress stores will match or beat an online price if you ask.  Check out our online specials!
  • Free Delivery & Returns, almost everywhere.  Unless you are a resident of states like Hawaii and Alaska, you can expect to pay little to no shipping costs for your purchase.  And free returns mean just that—cost free.  Though many mattress companies don’t want your trial mattress back.  They may actually prefer you donate it instead, and then will issue you a full refund.
  • Research & Reviews.  Shopping online allows you to instantly gain access to multiple reviews of your possible purchase.  (Did we mention we are the Carolina’s #1 Tempur-pedic Retailer?) Instead of trying to squeeze in a visit during a physical store’s business hours, you can shop and purchase at your leisure.

No matter your purchase avenue of choice, The Mattress Capital can meet your needs.  Come on down to our physical store to try out your mattress options, and then get the best of both worlds by buying via our online store.  Let the Mattress Capital help you sleep for less today!

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