Plants that are good for sleep

Plants to Keep in Your Bedroom


If you have problems sleeping, chances are you’ve tried more than a few tips to improve your sleep. While many of the sleep tips suggested online can certainly help, there’s one many people tend to overlook: plants.

That’s right, keeping plants in your bedroom can help improve your sleep and help regulate your sleep cycles! In this blog, we’ll discuss why keeping plants in your bedroom is beneficial for your sleep and overall health, and discuss which plants make the best additions to your home.

How Plants Help You Sleep

Aside from being beautiful and bringing a little bit of nature inside your home, there are plenty of other benefits of having plants in your bedroom:

They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Did you know plants breathe just like we do? They take the carbon dioxide we breathe out and convert it into fresh oxygen, making the air in your room feel fresh and clean.

They make any space feel more alive.

Plants for sleepingAny time you introduce something living into a room, you automatically brighten up your space. Even something as simple as a succulent, cactus, or small flower pot on your bedside table can help improve your mood and your sleep.

They improve air quality.

Aside from producing oxygen, certain plants can act as natural air filters. When they absorb carbon dioxide, they can also absorb toxins like benzene or trichloroethylene, which helps purify your air.

They’re stress relievers.

Countless studies have shown the positive effects plants can have on one’s mental health. Even the act of caring for and watering your plant can help reduce anxiety, which can improve your physical, mental, and sleep health!

Best Bedroom Plants

The type of plant you choose to brighten up your bedroom will depend on a few factors, like your favorite colors, how much light your room gets, and how much time you have to care for the plant. In general, the following plants can help improve your sleep:

  • Peace lilies grow well in both low or high light and feature glossy leaves and beautiful blooms when well cared for.
  • Jasmine is beautiful, easy to grow, and produces a beautiful scent known to reduce stress and calm nerves.
  • English ivy will do well in a hanging pot, even in low light. Plus they can survive on minimal water.
  • Aloe vera reproduces quickly and doesn’t require much water. It’s also known for producing a lot of oxygen, especially at night.
  • Philodendron can adapt to various light levels and can be potted or hung up, whichever you prefer.
  • Parlor palms are great if you’re looking for a larger plant that loves all kinds of light, even if they can be a little temperamental when it comes to watering.
  • Spider plants feature long thin leaves with white strips and are especially good at purifying the air.
  • Pothos need plenty of light but can also last for quite a while without being watered. They’re also ideal if you intend to propagate them into multiple plants.
  • Scented geraniums are another great option if you’re looking for a beautiful smelling plant. Just remember it needs a good bit of light!

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