How can a bed made
of two mattresses
personalize your sleep?

What is a Split Mattress?

Split mattresses come in King and California King sizes, with the California King being narrower but longer than the King. Split mattresses are made of two mattresses, allowing you and your co-sleeper to share your bed without compromising your individual sleep preferences.

Share your bed, not your mattress






Why Split?

Personalize the Feel

Mix and match different feels to get the sleep space that’s right for you, and let your partner get the feel that’s right for them.

Personalize the Incline

You like to sleep flat and they like being inclined a little. An adjustable base lets you both sleep whichever way you prefer.

Every Split Mattress Needs an Adjustable Base

If you have a split mattress and no adjustable base, you’re missing the point. Sit up to read or watch TV while they’re sleeping flat. Raise their head just a little to cut down on the snoring. Relax and enjoy a personal massage. The reasons for getting an adjustable base with your split mattress are nearly infinite.

Frequently Asked Split Mattress Questions

As well as someone might get along with the person who sleeps next to them at night, different people sleep better in different conditions. One person might prefer a soft mattress while the other person sleeps better on a firm mattress. With a split mattress, both people get what they want in order to get the best night’s sleep possible.

On top of that, a split mattress allows you to use an adjustable base, so if one person likes to sleep flat while the other person likes to have an incline or to raise their feet a little, both people will be able to sleep comfortably in the same bed. It also makes it easier if someone wants to stay up to read or watch TV while the other person wants to go to sleep. An incline can also help stop snoring, if that’s an issue.

It’s possible, but not too likely. For one thing, the weight of the mattresses prevents much movement. It’ll also help if there is any furniture surrounding the bed, which can help keep it from moving. Except for when the sections are adjusted to different positions, most people tend not to notice the split at all.

There is a gap, of course, but most people don’t notice it, as they tend to sleep on their side of the bed. Even if you do cuddle up close to the person sleeping with you, you shouldn’t notice the gap unless the sides are adjusted to different levels or you customized each side and the height is different. You’re not going to fall into the gap though, if that’s what you’re worried about.

If the different sides you choose are different in height, our knowledgeable salespeople can help teach you how to offset the difference. If you’re purchasing your mattress in-store, make sure to ask about that. If you’re buying online, give us a call at 910-796-3233.

If you want to have totally different feels for each side of the bed, it’s best to give us a call at 910-796-3233 or stop by your nearest Mattress Capital location.

Adjustable bases come with a remote control for each side of the bed which can be programmed to work independently of one another.

You’ll need fitted sheets for each section along with a flat sheet.