3 Reasons to Visit Your Local Mattress Capital Before Buying


Internet purchases have skyrocketed over the years, and you can get just about anything delivered right to your front door.  While a lot of people love the convenience of online buying, others prefer going into a local store and checking out how the mattress actually feels before buying. Here are three reasons why coming in to your local Mattress Capital store is a great idea, even if you then utilize our online store to purchase.

#1: You can’t try it out online. 

This may seem like common sense, but a mattress is not one of those items you can easily return if you don’t like it.  Visiting a physical retailer allows you the opportunity to try out several different options before selecting the mattress that is just right for your needs.  It also gives you the opportunity to talk to a mattress expert, get the details about a particular style or brand, and see/feel the difference between sizes and firmness options.

#2: Sales.

Most retailers have regular deals on their mattresses.  Many will price match or even beat online pricing.  Having a variety of brands and options to choose from in the store also means you can try out options in your desired price range and not waste time guessing. Of course, here at The Mattress Capital, we have the best sales and if you see a discrepancy between our in-store and online prices, we’ll certainly match ourselves.

#3: Service.

Nothing can beat face to face service in a physical location.  Whether you have questions, issues, or need to exchange or return an item, you can just head on down to the store directly.  You can also go over financing options.  In most cases, you can take your mattress home the same day instead of waiting for delivery.

Our suggestion — make the best of both worlds! The Mattress Capital has seven brick and mortar stores, with more coming soon.  Go to your local Mattress Capital store , meet one of our experts, and try out what works best for you.  If you need to sleep on it, you can go back home to your tired old mattress and dream about how much better the one was in our store. Then you can order online, get your no interest financing, and wait for your free delivery!

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a soft, full-size, pillowtop mattress. I recently visited the Southport, NC store where Rex Clark helped me select a mattress. I forgot the brand name of the mattress, but Rex would remember. Also, I would need to have it delivered (directly from the manufacturer?) to my home in Cleveland, TN. Will you please have Rex call me? Perhaps we can finalize the sale over the phone.

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